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I have heard that they were originally designed by Sikorsky.

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Designed by Sikorsky but never certified, although is was suppose to get certified. From what I've read they are pretty much the best experimental out there...but the nice complete one I saw for sale was over $200k...





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I had to do a report for school (aviation science Degree) and chose this "Kit" helicopter. I am a rated heli Pilot myself.. And after much research, learned that these Hummingbirds were originally designed for the military as a light transport helicopter and had every intention of being a certified ship. That being said, when the design or program was scrapped, Sikorsky sat it aside until someone saw the possibilities of this light 4 seater in the market, and feelling they already spent a good deal of money developing the hummingbird and certifying it to an extent, They decided to offer it into the Kit market so as not to acrue more costs of certificaion and keep the price down (somewhat).. Now me personally, Would love to have one, but at that price, I'm sure I could find a Nicely equiped R44, maybe even an older turbine, like a jet ranger or something.. But i do lilke the 3 blade design.

All in all a nice Bird!

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