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Another "What do you think?" post

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I'm sorry to do this to everyone, but after reading this forum it seems there is a lot of credible opinions that I would like to hear.


I am a 26 year old male who has just ETS'd from the Army Reserves after 8 years of service. I consider my time in service to be above average. I only made it to the rank of E-5, but that was my choice as my civilian job as a Police Officer took presedence in terms of time management (I didn't have the time for BNOC). During my OIF deployment in 2003 I applied for WOFT. During this time I passed my AFAST and ASVAB with flying colors, but ended up getting DQ'd from the process for my medical history. As a 2 year old I had to have hip surgery which was a disqualifying factor for not only the Flight physical, but my initial entry physical. I did have to get a waiver to get into the army in the first place. The Doctor who advised me of my disqualification told me that I had passed the physical in itself, but I could not put in for a medical waiver for the childhood disorder while I was in country. Has anyone else heard of this?


Anyway, since that moment I got married, had a couple children and began a succesful career in law enforcement. Not to mention I trained at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University for a year and obtained my Private Pilot's License (350 Hrs. TT) After 4 years of being a Cop I still have this empty feeling in my gut for not fulfilling my goal of becoming an Army Aviator.


Basically what I'm asking is if anyone has succesfully obtained a medical waiver and been selected for WOFT with a similar medical history as myself? Being a former Army NCO, a leader in the community, and a certified pilot do you think these are traits that the Army is looking for in it's Aviators?


Thanks for any and all input, the community here is very helpful.

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I know of guys here at flight school that have waivers... for all kinds of stuff, not exactly what you are talking about but you can be on permanent profile. Theres always the saying, "you can get a waiver for anything." Why not try... I would!

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It took me several tries to get in. I had asthma as a kid and after the first time applying, I was listed as permanently disqualified for military service. On my fifth try, I got in the Army (enlisted) and then tried again and got into flight school. Keep at it. All they can do is keep telling you no. Good luck.



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