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SoCal Folks...Proposal to Establish Class C Airspace around Long Beach Airport & Revise SNA Class C Airspace

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For those of us in the LA basin...


"Proposal to Establish Class C Airspace around Long Beach Airport & Revise SNA Class C Airspace"


Topic: Two meetings are planned to solicit comments from airmen on these proposed airspace changes.



Holiday Inn

2640 North Lakewood Blvd.

Long Beach, CA 90815



FAA personnel will hold two fact-finding airspace meetings: Tuesday June 22, 6-9 pm and Wednesday June 23, 6-9 pm. Each meeting will begin with a presentation of the airspace proposal. That will be followed by your comments and recommendations. All comments received during these meetings will be considered prior to any issuance of a notice of proposed rule making (NRPM.).



If you have some opinions - for new class C or existing class D structures - better be there and express them. I'll prolly be there on Tuesday night. Not too surprised with this one; Just will be a little more interesting transitioning SNA/FUL/LGB & Los Al, but not by much.


Fly safe, and...



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Other than having to get a skwak(not sure if I spelled that right?)how would going from 'D' to 'C' change things? :huh:


Having flown into Burbank a million times, I dont see Class C as any big deal, but a lot of other pilots feel its just unnecessary. I think the proposal also takes some current Class G airspace and turns it into Class C LGB space. I haven't seen the proposed chart yet, but that is one complaint I heard. There is a small corridor between LGB and TOA that a lot of aircraft take.


There are also some great changes happening to the local chart and the local helicopter chart. One of those changes is REQUIRING all aircraft below 2000 agl to report and monitor 123.02. I personally would be all for that one if it makes it onto the charts.


In other local news, Hawthorne airport is open to helo's and has gone from no helo training, to adding 4 new helipads recently.


More good stuff to come in LA !

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