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MBB Bo 105 air show accident

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That reminds me of the video of the guy who tried to loop an S300...too low! :(

If you are talking about Dennis Kenyon in Utah 2008, that was not a loop attempt - It was a wingover gone wrong. Very similiar to this accident here though.

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Glad no one was killed..


this is what i thought when i watched the video this morning:


This past week Rotor & Wing had their yearly Safety Summit here in Denver, it was a great couple of days with some seriously focused people which i appreciated. I will do a summery with some photos here this weekend if i can get the time.


One of the speakers statements that is relative here was "everyone's crash is OUR crash"... i have two recent examples;


As many of you know there was a 300 that had a hard landing on a mountain top here in Denver a few weeks ago.. that week we had a scheduled fly-in at one of the local High Schools for Career day. When i stopped in to pick up the permission to land form the principal said, sorry, you can't land here anymore! I was shocked and caught off guard and asked why, she said "don't you know, helicopters crash". It never occurred to me that one incident would be related to us all.. but i should have. After about an hour of explaining the difference between landing in a huge field and on top of a mountain she gave in.. but it taught me something.


You also probably saw the Osprey videos of the landing and subsequent havoc from the downwash.. We have our yearly airshow at KBJC in August and are looking forward to having a Osprey here on display and hopefully flying. I cannot tell you how many people have come to us asking if they are safe and if it's still coming.. our answer is of course YES and WE HOPE SO..


but the point is.... everyone's crash is OUR crash, on some level it effects us all..





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