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1972 Scorpion II

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I have recently come into ownership of a 1972 Scorpion II helicopter. This helicopter has 18 hours of airtime, my uncle was unable to put it up much after he bought it. I do not know much about this aircraft. It seems well built, but I am taking it to a mechanic in order to make sure. What can I expect with this? Is it airworthy? Is there a certain type of license I need to fly it? If I were sell this, what can I expect to sell it for? Any help would truly be appreciated. I am new to helicopter world, and I think I may like to take up flying now that I have an aircraft. Thank you

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what engine does it have? anything less then the RW-145 will be under powered,if it has the cable head, good luck. I have had several Scorpion projects last one had a RW-162 engine in it. was nothing but a money pit.


if you search around you may find some upgrade parts. best plan if you can get the cash is to convert it to the Exec style rotor system.


Join the Rotorway owners Group. and or Contact Homer Bell, he is a Rotorway expert and has a big helicopter fly-in at his farm each year in Ohio.


good luck.

also you may want to do a post on the rotarywing forum at www.rotaryforum.com there are a few on there rebuilding Scorpions.


Good Luck, I just restored a Helicom Commuter H-1B helicopter.

above all be careful, do NOT try and fly it or even hover it with out proper training.

and yes you will need a Helicopter Lic. to legally fly it.

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What can I expect with this? Is it airworthy?


You will get a lot of different answers to those questions all based on the background of the pilots answering. I owe my helicopter fascination to the early Rotorway ads of the Scorpion and other kits using outboard boat engines (1969).


That said, my opinion of the Scorpion is similar to other early designs. I would love to have one given to me so I can put it in my garage and look at it from time to time. You could not pay me enough to ever fly the thing.


Helicopters are very complex and Scorpions flew very little time in comparison to other aircraft. Scorpions also did not go thru rather intense FAA testing and certification. For those reasons, and the fact that I want to live long enough to at least see my grand daughter graduate high school, I would not have any thoughts of actually flying this relic. Trying to keep it maintained will also cost you more than the ship is worth. Look at Ebay, they have the same ships there for sale regularly.


I do however encourage you to become a helo pilot, just fly something else. Good luck, Goldy

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I am just an enthusiast in the Scorpion 2 helicopter and am looking to find a place to look at all the Scorpion 2 deals out there.  It would seem to me that you just look at what parts could fail and make sure they have a good design and are in good condition.  I plan to have a back-up tail rotor system in case the production thing fails. (I don't trust those long belts)

I believe a man size drone motor could be used as back-up. Some people don't have $30,000 to get a jam up helicopter.


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If you want to fly it you'll need an A&P mechanic to do a Condition Inspection and sign it off if it's airworthy.  The tail rotor drive belts are probably going to be changed out with new ones if it's been sitting for some years.  Once that's done find a licensed instructor to teach you how to fly it and you will have to get your Private Rotorcraft Helicopter FAA license to fly it.  You can look up the requirements on the FAA.GOV website.

The Scorpion was the forerunner to Rotorway's Exec series with an aluminum tube type tailboom and I believe they used a driveshaft for the tail rotor in lieu of the drive belts.  They went on to improve on the Exec with the 152 and 162 models all of which are different from the original Scorpion.  If you learn to hover the Scorpion you won't have any trouble with most any other helicopter.

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