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Helicopter Evasive Maneuvers


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"Hi all,


I am trying to consolidate information from all helicopter military pilot users on Helicopter Evasive Maneuvers from ground threats.


I will Appreciate it, if you guys are able to send me information on any threat reaction to ground threats (ADA units, RPG, MANPADS, Tanks, Artillery).


Please direct me where I can find the information, which I need to draft out a Helicopter Evasive Manual."




The best information you're likely to obtain is basic tactics and maneuvers (approved public release). You must remember a single low flying helicopter, slow mover, is an easy target for a mobile ground attacker. However, in a multi-aircraft environment once that threat is indentified, it can be readily eliminated.


See chapter 6, section 3 (Basic Combat Maneuvers).

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