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Had my first lesson yesterday!


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It was great! Logged my first rated 1.3 hours as a student pilot! Damn it feels good to get back into an aircraft, even more so finally at the controls! I haven't flown in an aircraft since October when I was crewing Blackhawks in Afghanistan.


It was such a relief to finally get into the air as an actual pilot after years of waiting and having to deal with the military first. Uncle Sam held up his end of the bargain with Veterans Benefits that are taking care of all of my flight training expenses plus my college degree.


I have my next lesson on Monday, and man I can't wait! Damn I love flying!

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Right on. I finished my instrument about two weeks ago. I miss the 44. Now I have about 20 hrs to burn in the 22 to finish commercial. Good luck with your training, I'm sure I'll run into you sooner or later up at LEA.

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Dude that's great! Welcome to the addiction, and thanks for your service.


Anytime :)



If you make it out to McMinnville on a long x/c, stop in and say hi! I'm an instructor for 2 helicopter companies there. I'll give you the 50 cent tour.


Sounds like a plan! I'll keep that in mind if I find a flight to make out there!

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