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Caution Panel

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That is a GREAT idea!

I was considering creating an app for this that you can go through all EP's, and limitations with. Something like the prepware that asks questions and can answer a, b or c ie: "what do you do if you have a T/R failure?" and "what is the max temp?" etc.

Something handy to be able to constantly review EP's and limitations.

How about one for the EC130? :)

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EuroSafety has created a free iPhone/iPod caution panel app for the AS350B2 to stay proficient with airframe emergency procedures.


More models to come!


Let us know what you think!


http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/isafety/id380233909?mt=8&uo=4" target="itunes_store">iSafety - EuroSafety



We are certainly fans of EuroSafety!! Three of our guys already have the caution panel app and are looking forward to more models.. it's totally awesome.


We also have their posters in our classrooms and use them constantly!!


Check them out!!





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More models will be coming out. The EC120 is being worked on now and should be ready for update in about a week or two. After that it will be the EC130.


We will be doing a complete emergency procedure review program for the iPad. That will be in a few months.


RkyMtnHi, its great to see the poster on the wall. I will have to send you some individual cockpit panel posters.

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