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Around the world in a helicopter

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Hi All, Thanks for all the help and information on this forum, it is really great to read!


I lived in Japan for a year teaching english and since then, I have wanted to live in other countries as well. (I still love the USA, but I have an adventurous spirit and travel is my addiction) English teaching can only get you so far and still make a living wage.


How about flying helicopters? I am too old to fly for the military, so that is out. Anybody here live and work in multiple countries over their career? How difficult is it to transfer FAA licenses and ratings to other systems? Who on this forum is living in a country other than the USA or Canada? Where does one look for flying jobs in countries in Africa, South America, or Asia? Obviously learning the language of the target country is a good idea, what about flying in another language? I seem to remember reading that english is becoming the standard language for flight ops, is this true?


General stories greatly appreciated :)




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I think PPRuNe would be an excellent resource for that type of question. Lots of expat types over on that forum.

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