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Back in the saddle again... sort of

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Logged my first 1.7 in a Cessna 172 today. After 215 hours of helicopter time, some bad encounters with shoddy flight schools, and enough rejection to fill a high school prom, I figured it was time to see what the other side is all about. I'm getting all my ratings through MEI, joining CAP and seeing what opportunities reveal themselves.


It was fun. I haven't flown anything but flight sim for about four months, so knocking the rust off AND learning a whole new type of flying was definitely challenging. Luckily airplanes are forgiving.


I will say, it was quite informative flying a high wing airplane and seeing how little visibility they really have in relation to our awesome plexiglass bubbles. Made me take a slightly different view of some of my close calls.


Anyway, dual-ratings here I come!

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There's a flying club around here that offers a cherokee for 85 bucks an hour wet. Once I get a rating and get checked out, I'm gonna look into what their exact policies are as far as taking it on long trips. If it pans out, I may have to fly over to KBJC and visit you guys. I've been wanting to see your setup since day one.

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