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Have any of you guys put the ipad applications through their paces? I'm interested in seeing which apps are thought to be worth the investment, and which I should avoid. I've got the Foreflight app, it looks like it has loads of cool features, and updates pretty easily.

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I'm really happy with Foreflight, especially their latest HD version for the iPad. I mostly purchased the iPad just for this reason. Though I use the 696 in my lap while flying, I use the iPad for preflight advisories, briefers, etc. and it's great.


I also have the AOPA airports app, which unfortunately still displays iPhone size on the iPad, the FAR/AIM app which is great and much easier to read on the iPad (yes, I have a real one too and use it). I also have FlightPlan Pilot's toolbook which is really pixellated and hard to read even on the iPad...I don't use it much. Skycharts is great on the iPhone but, again, is remaining the iPHone display size on the iPad so far (no update, and I only use this as a backup in case Foreflight has a problem - which it did a couple of years ago so I'm playing it safe).


Primarily I use Foreflight HD and love it...it has everything you would want and need. Plus IFR stuff charts which really nice and high res. The GPS works really well within the iPad and seems to be pretty accurate in Foreflight on the actual charts. You can't use it per FAA, but it is certainly a nice secondary device for flight, and amazing at preflight use, as mentioned earlier.


Foreflight's price is worth every penny and they update the app often, as well as the usual chart/airport cycles.



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Well, I only have an iphone, but the apps are compatible:


-Aeroweather: Great app, free, gives METAR and TAF


-SkyCharts: Amazing app. Free updates when new charts come out. Includes AF/D entries, IAPs, SIDs, STARs, Low Altitude In-Route Charts, TAC Charts, w/x and probably more. I think it even has some flight planning ability. And it only costs $10.... Oh, and it has GPS functionality...


-iBal: w/b app. comes with a number of preloaded helicopters.


Thats all I can think of right now. The app store has a bunch of great apps for pilots though. Just one of the many reasons i will never go to Android....

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