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Career Pilot Certificate

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I am starting my package for the WOFT program and want to make myself as competitive as possible. Right now I have completed a Part 141 ground school and instrument course but have no flight time. A local community college offers a Career Pilot program as either a two year degree or a Career Pilot Certificate that only requires 15 credit hours. Both courses are VA approved and both will get me a Private fixed wing license. The degree obviously is more in depth but I'm not looking to hang around in the area for two more years to finish it. I'm really looking more at the flight time than anything but input from others is why I'm here...so let’s hear it...what would you do??? Thanks.

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I am looking for flight time but I'm more interested in making sure I'm competitive for WO. I want this to be as quick as possible and if college will help me get in then I'll wait on submitting my package and use my MC College Fund to its fullest. Also has anyone got any info on taking the color vision test??? Which ones are used and can you request a certain test? Thanks.

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The quickest way is to put a packet in ASAP while working on college, if you don't get selected then try again with your college. College is not required and I only had just over a year of it when I applied.

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While having some flight time just to have it is a nicey-nice thing, I'd focus more in on completing tasks which show more of a history of accomplishment (eg degrees, certificates etc). A big part of what they look at is whether or not they select you is based upon your history. Now if you can tie in the fact that you set out to accomplish a rating and did, emphasize that point. Don't just point to the fact that you have 20 flight hours in a Cessna.


Flight school, flying in the army and tracking is an incredibly challenging task that requires a lot of commitment. Its by no means impossible, but it does take an above average level of commitment (if you want to do it right, or until you get about 2500 hours, but you'll find those guys are even learning new things every day).


Bottom line, I'd save my money on flight time unless you really want to get that rating and concentrate on fitness and academic achievements. And don't get discouraged if you don't get picked up the first 1-100 boards. Sometimes is just a matter of having X amount of slots for Y amount of candidates. Sometimes they just want to see if your serious. Army aviation is a small community. Word gets around on these boards if you keep applying. Plus, use it as a tool to learn from your mistakes of previous boards and refine your packet and interviewing skills.


Good Luck. If you're serious about wanting to do it, you will.

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