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Hi everyone, what's my chances?

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Hi everyone,

First time posting, but here goes. I'm 25 right now and have just started getting my packet together. I am a civilian pilot (first officer) with a regional airline with about 3000 hours of total flight time, with a commercial, multi engine rating with about 2000 hours in a CRJ-200 jet. I haven't taking any of the tests (ASVAB or AFAST) but have study books out the ass and am constantly reading and studying (it's pretty bad that I study while at work, but it's the best time!). I'm way out of shape (being a civilian pilot will do that) but am working out slowly but hopefully it'll only take a few months to get in shape. Does anyone have any idea if all my time will help or hurt? I've been a pilot since I was 17 and added ratings all my life. I want to do this as I can't think of a better place to be challenged then in the military. Plus, the opportunity to serve, which I feel alot of people shy away from, is something I feel everyone should do.

I don't want to sound like a whinny princess, but I'm extremely bored with my job and want to prove to myself I can do this. Heck, it's funny, but the simple act of applying is great; I have something to achieve every day, be it a a new form to fill out, to working out. Another concern is my college transcript. I wasn't the best student at all, heck I left with about 30 credits to go in order to get a flying job that was an amazing opportunity. Will that hurt me? I think my current GPA is about a 2.8 or so in that range. Other then that, I have a totally clean background. Thanks for the help.

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If you think you have too much flight time, feel free to donate some of it to me. I also take ratings, cash, and (*reads over post again*) job offers.


Oh crap, now I sound like the whiny princess. :D


In short, just put your packet in. Oh, and don't use the BARRON's book to study for the AFAST.

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Honestly it's really hard to say. One would think that with your flight experience, they would (the Army) jump at the chance to have you. On the other hand, boards are infamous in not looking past the end of "their nose" at a person, so turning in a packet with a 2.8 GPA and poor fitness is going to hurt your chances unless you have a good explanation.


The bottom line is, you don't know until you try, and try and try and try. If you're someone who will give up after the first application, or try at something, then flying for the Army is something you won't want to do.


Good luck to you.

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[i'd say you have a very good chance of being selected. I did an inter-service transfer from the navy to go to flight school back in 02/03. I had (have) no college, and had no aviation experience and have been flying Kiowas for the last 8 years. Definitly not a boring job, currently doing my 3rd tour in Iraq and did one tour in Afghanistan. Not the best job for the family oriented but it pays the bills. Being 25 is a plus, but dont wait too long. Get within the Army height/weight standards and you'll be good to go. It wont be a big deal for you yet, but a college degree will come in handy, as the promotion rates from CW2 to CW3 are becoming very competitive.

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You should finish your degree and look into the Marines. They have a guaranteed air contract, and with your flight experience you should have a great shot at it. If you have an SAT score of at least 1,000 you will not have to take the ASVAB. The Navy/Marine Corps Aviation Selection Test Battery is much more difficult/different than the AFAST though, but with all your flight experience you should be fine. Physical requirements are also a lot tougher - they can be a lot more selective than the Army as they are much smaller.

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