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Universal Air Academy-La Verne, Ca.

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Any and all professional feed back will be greatly appreciated about the Universal Air Academy in La Verne, Ca.... RP

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The school is owned by 2 brothers from the middle east. They have a huge fixed wing operation out of KEMT and the Helo is out of KPOC. Brian Robinson (no relation to Frank) is a factory pilot and is a really nice guy. They have 3 R22s, 1 R44 Astro and a 206.

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To Matt Kreps, thank you brother for the feed back! Now to all my fellow pilots in the helicopter industry; I am now a Certified Flight Instructor in rotor-wing aircraft laugh.gif!!! One might ask, "why did I do this to myself at 53?" I'll get back to you guys and girls after I have my head examinedblink.gif. In my opinion, it's one of the hardest certificate any pilot could attain!


The purpose for this posting is for pilots, and potential students, who are actively looking for an excellent school in southern California... Universal Air Academy at KPOC is an excellent school!!! They're a 141 school with rotor-wing and fixed wing operations. They have students from all over the globe presently attending (Columbia, Puerto Rico, Japan, Korea and Mexico).


I met the Owner/Chief Pilot (Helos), Bryan Robinson, Sr., at RHC back in May. And on a gentleman's hand shake I made arrangements to get my CFI certificate. Great staff and CFI's... Check them out before you spend your money else where. RP




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