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Hello everyone. First time poster. I am sure this has been addressed several times but I have been unhappy with my search results.


My Profile

Fixed wing pilot with instrument rating

Bonanza owner

Currently training in a 44

37 years old


My mission

95% solo local flights in Kansas (800-1500msl) for fun and checking farms

Under 50 nm 80%

Under 100 nm 100%

Will fly 150 hours per year


My dellima

A 22 fits my mission perfectly. However, I am concerned about some safety issues. I could afford to own a 22 and keep it my hangar. I can afford to rent a 44 but it is hangared 60 miles away


What would you do?

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Sounds like you answered your own question. If the R-22 fits your mission, and you really only need two seats, the R-22 is it. The only safety concern I can think of that is different between the 22 and 44 is that the 44 autos better. The rest are common components.

Just my $.02.


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What would you do?


I do everything possible to fly the R44 whenever I can, and while I stay current in the R22, its just not as much fun to fly! One thing to think about...there are a lot of great deals to be found on R44's right now in the used market. There are not many similar deals on an R22. When flying in real conditions, you fly the R22 at around 85 knots, slowing to 65 in rough air. In the R44, you fly around by yourself at 110 knots, slow to 85 or 90 in rougher air. So you can get where you want in about 25 or 30% less time. That helps a little bit in your per hour costs, you will fly less hours in the 44 to accomplish the same goal.


Is there some other way you could turn those 3 seats into some dollars? Maybe lease the helo to some local school for its use? Get your CFI and turn the extra pilot seat into some $$ ?


Both aircraft are safe to fly, (if you are proficient) if I didnt think so, I would not have been 1000 feet up in the air last night in an R22. That said, I would rather have been in a 44!


At 150 hours each year, you could get a nice Raven 1 with 500 or 600 hours left and that would be enough for 4 or 5 years of personal flight.


Fly safe,



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Agree with Goldy. There is nothing wrong with the R22 but if you decide to go this route switch into a R22 for the rest of your training.


If you can pick up a cheaper 44 I would do that. Its so much better of a helicopter and think you will be happier in the long run.

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I can only give you my story as far as R22 vs R44,


First off, I could only afford the R22 in May 2009. Now a 1 1/2 years later, I am looking to a R44s. I am finding out that the R44 is not only more up front cost, but more importantly much higher in the insurance cost and up keep.


My insurance for the first year of personal & business (not commercial) was $7450.00, the second year would have been 6525.00 for the year, had I left it the same. I chose to try a full commercial policy this year to allow for everything except ag work for a yearly cost of 13,700.00.


Compare this to the average R44, I am looking at now. Personal & Business on a hual value of $240,000.00, the cost was quoted as 14,900.00 per year and for full commercial was $23,700.00 for the year.


Insurance P&B Commercial

R22 $6525.00 $13,700.00

R44 $14,900.00 $23,700.00


Maintainance Cost are estimated by all that I have talked to to be about 40% more for the R44 over the R22.


As far as fuel cost go I have a JPI Fuel-Scan 450 in my R22 (love it BTW) and consistantly run 9.6 gal/per/hr at 22 inches. Note: I have to say that the JPI Fuel-Scan is very handy for doing rides and tours as you have an nearly exact firm estimate of your load for knowing when to add fuel.


All of the people I've talked to about the R44 on fuel burn is a consistant 15 gal per hr.


Having said this, unless I find a really good deal on an Astro, Raven I or II, I'll stay with the R22 for now. Yes, I'd rather have the extra two revenue seats to fill on the rides/tours but it comes with a costs and I am just not there yet.


Would I rather have the R44, yes, it is easier to fly and much more stable in all flight conditions.


If you would ask me what would be perfect for me, I'd say if I could find good Astro instrument trainer for the right price that would be it.


For the rides/tours it has the three revenue seats, and for the teaching instrument and CFII students it is very stable on instruments and during the approaches. Additionally, it burns about 1 gal per hr less fuel too.


With the Astro however, not having the hydrolics is not an issue for me as the teaching of instruments the flights are mostly 1 to 1 1/2 hours long and it is not that tiring and the same for the rides, they are mostly short flights.


Getting back to your question, I hope this has given you some things to think about from my experiences.


Many on here have much more experiences in ownership, but this is just mine.


Good Luck,



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Congratulations; you intend to use a Robinson (none of which have a hyphen in the model name btw, 'everyone') as designed. Frank would be pleased! The 22 is fun, the 44 is sweet, but I'd feel like a goof flying the latter solo. Kind of like being in an HOV lane at less than 50% capacity. Think 3 GF's or at least 2 GF's and the dog, right?

Enjoy either/any choice, and shiny up always.


exc. aviation blogs (incl.4 this): Philip Greenspun

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If you would ask me what would be perfect for me, I'd say if I could find good Astro instrument trainer for the right price that would be it.





Ed- you should check out the Astro instrument trainer that Sevier has for sale.

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