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Australian Flight Schools

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Hi everyone,just joined and more than serious of fulfilling a lifetime dream.

Anyone here in Australia,or who has trained in Australia,can recommend a good helo school?


Have a go with AeroPower PTY at the Redcliffe Airport in QLD... Just north of Brissy, really great experienced pilots... Fly CBi300, R22 & R44's.


Don't tell them I sent you...they'll go "who mate?".


Check out their website... Aeropower.com.au Great school!




Rotorrodent :)

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I suggest having a look at bladeslapper.com - Australian helicopter forum. Lots of threads there about Australian schools.


If you want to train at a big school, Aeropower is certainly one of the bigger ones, so is Heliwest, Chopperline, Beckers, Flight Training Adelaide, Bankstown Helicopters and so on. You will find opinions, good and bad, about each one.

A lot of good small schools around as well - it really depends on where you are and what kind of flying you want to get into after your training.

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I met with, and flew with, Mark Donohoe at Helicopter Transport when I was in Sydney last. They are based at Bankstown airport. They appeared to have a nice setup, with several well maintained aircraft. Mark was very generous with his time, and was more than happy to sit down and answer questions.

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