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Where do I go from here?


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I have a crazy ideal that Im not sure about and would appreciate any advice you could give on this matter,


Im currently stuck at this point in my career.


First a little bit about me: I just completed flight school from Fort Rucker for the NG but still have a low amount of hours. I took the commercial and instrument exam for the FAA and I will be completing that paperwork as soon as I clear the post this month. Im trying exhaustively to find a way to continue training and build time in the civilian world but Im not having any luck at accomplishing what Im trying to do.


I think, well I know now, that maybe Im asking to much from a follow on flight school that I would like to attend. I want to take a transition course for any aircraft a school may have and then complete my CFI and CFII, but I really want to stay on and instruct with what ever school I finally attend.


I have found out very quickly that because of where Im entering the flight school equation, Its not looking good to instruct with any school that I go to after completing my ratings because those spots are reserved for there longer term students. I understand that totally… I cant argue with that business model. Granted too,… I know if I suck, I wouldnt expect anyone to bring me on either. With that being said, I was hoping to find such a place, but its not looking good.


So…. Here is the crazy ideal. Just an ideal that Im not sure about my self.


What if I purchased a used Rotorway and flew that thing for 500 or more hours. The actual operating and maintenance cost, I think, are not that bad. It will cost some change, but not like a robbi!


I wouldnt have to worry about getting different types of flying hours because Im going to get everything and more with the guard. I just wont get the amount of time Im looking for with them. I do, however, have to worry about killing my self in one of those things! lol


I dont want to wait around on a deployment to try and get some hours. I want to keep going but Im just not sure how to go about it.


Any thoughts on how to get from here to there for somebody thats trying to enter the civilian world from where Im at today will be greatly appreciated.




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I wish I was in you're shoes. If you have/have the ability to log 25 hrs instruction in a R22 then you could pick up a "Helicycle" from Homer K Bell, from what I've found they seem vey affordable and light on maintenance, you can find one for around 24k-45k and if you e-mail or call him he will help you out. Just to give you a heads up the helicycle is a single seater turbine. Just google "Homer k Bell" and go to his sure for more info.


Just a disclaimer I'm in no way affiliated with Mr. Bell or experienced flying a helicopter yet but after I deploy I want to get my ppl and buy a kit and this is the best I've found so far!

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