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getting around or past med review

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So.. I had a great vision of going WOFT and my recruiter even thought I was very knowledgeable and in shape for a 32 yr old (I play semi Pro and Pro level lacrosse. I already have my private helicopoter license.. and aced every practice test my recruiter could throw at me.. I was previous NAVY also, so that helped with some of the basic tests..

Thought I was a strong candidate, but then my medical review came back declined, all because of a "couldn't sleep" issue on the aircraft carrier while in the Navy.. The doc said in my record that Claustrophobia was suspected, and they discharged me.. My recruiter worked on this and asked what we needed to do for that.. and was given specific instructions and details on what they needed to get past that and accept my packet. They sent me to a Psychiatrist (on my own money) to get a diagnosis evaluation.. Said he didnt see any signs of claustrophobia.. and sent whatever info the Army needed right over.. Still declilned. Ive heard of going to my state Rep. supposedly they have authority of some sort, to get past things like this. Have a local kid who was declined for Marines.. because of a medical condition, and did this, and who has since been accepted and shipped out. . any one know what to do in this situation?? Flying Choppers is my passion, and I want to make it my life. But this glitch is proving to be a burden, and I am turning 33 in 4 1/2 months! think thats still the deadline age..

Any help would be appreciated.

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