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how long out of work flying before all the hard work building time is destroyed???


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I would certainly be trying to get current again, ASAP. Have you been looking for work the whole time?? You should still be fairly employable but you will have to get out there and make a big effort (not saying that you aren't already).

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I had a year of not flying back at 300 hours. I took off to do my JAA ATPL exams. I got hired pretty quickly as soon as I started looking again, and my interview flight was the first in a year so I think you'll be ok. It'd probably be a good idea to go on a refresher flight with an instructor though, as certain employers might prefer that you're current before hiring you.

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Hey Matt,


Haven't seen ya around in a while. I thought you ended up with something after you trained at Marpat? Or am I thinking of someone else?


I took a year off flying when I got burnt and jumped right back into it. its like riding a bicycle. once ya got it, ya got it. took an hour or two of polishing, but it all came back pretty quick. I dont think there will be a problem.

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I'm in the same boat.. 1400 TT and 1050PIC.. I took a job flying 2nd seat and logged 130 hrs Sic.. Now (2years later) I've not been able to impress upon the powers that be that I should be there next pilot.. I've stayed current, unfortunatly for the Credit card.. and have been visiting all operators in the area .. ALOT!! Vegas during the winter once a month.. And it always seems that they are not hiring and that when I call the next week I find that they're then in class.. bad timing or getting the brush I don't know.. I do know that the students that I trained are getting jobs now after there 1,000 and I feel like dust swept under the rug..


I have a friend in New Zealand who was my instructor he's dual rated (fixed and rotor) american with FAA and CAA IFR licenses looking for work there, hes currently managing the largest cemetery in the country and also wondering what they are looking for and what he's missing? I drive Motorcoaches and make ends meet. and loosely but legally work for a local operator 1-2 hours a month


ITS hard but I DO BELIEVE that if you put in the hard yards and keep current some one somewhere will give you a chance again.!




---all the best~!

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