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Hey guys & gals,

Wanted to share the good news that at 20.3 hours, I soloed yesterday evening! It was certainly a milestone and what a thrill. My instructor and I flew a couple of normal traffic patterns, and then he hopped out. I hovered around for about 15 minutes, getting a feel for the increased power and different weight & balance (which felt seriously weird), then after some encouraging words from my instructor took off and did three traffic patterns. I've got a way to go in tightening my tolerances, but it felt really great. I left my mic on so I could talk my way through things, which seemed to help. I undershot my landing spot the first time, overshot it the second time, and landed almost right where I wanted on my final pattern. The whole experience feels like a significant accomplishment, and the exhilaration hasn't yet worn off. I've got a LONG way to go toward commercial, but I've taken my first real step toward getting there. Now I've got serious ground fever waiting for next week's lesson to roll around...



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GOOD JOB!!!! sooner than later, you'll be landing on alot smaller targets than you thought you could. keep up the momentum now and get your license. your over the first hill and its downhill to the private.

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I'm going up tomorrow 0800. If i'm lucky I might get to the 10hr mark, i'm at 8 now. Can't wait. Congratulations on the solo; I can only imagine how great it must have been.

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