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500 Hours for $12k

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We are putting together a package that we thought some of you guys may be interested in. It is a 250 or 500 hour time builder package in our airplane. This could be good for guys going for their ATP and missing some total time, cross-country or night experience. The airplane is in the middle of overhaul so it will come out with a 0 time engine and prop.


We will sell the package to one individual and will throw in 20 hours of dual free. We are also looking into the idea of putting two guys together so that the cost is half. One pilot would act as a safety pilot while the other is under the hood and then switch (both can log PIC if they are rated).


After delivering a helicopter to Brazil, I am convinced that everyone should get out away from their home airport and do some real flying. Flying circles over the same airports that you have memorized in your sleep doesn’t teach as much as going to new places. We encourage guys to take some real cross countries (i.e. 1000nm journeys, Mexico, Bahamas). We can help plan or accompany you on these journeys as our company has experience flying through 13 different countries in the last month alone.


Cost Breakdown


250 Hours

1 Person $13.5k

2 People $6.75k


500 Hours

1 Person $25k

2 People $12.5k


The cost does not include fuel. You can probably estimate about 5-6gph. The cost does include insurance and maintenance. Pilots would need at least a private pilot airplane. If you are RTC only, we can do an add-on pretty cheap.


Shoot me an email if you are interested. We are just looking for 1 or 2 people.




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that would be worth something if it was in a HELICOPTER....

I don't even consider it a good price in an airplane.


Gotta check the math, its between 50-54 bucks an hour for an airplane plus fuel. Less if you have a partner..I dont consider that half bad...

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Agree with Goldy. What kind of airplane is this though? I don't see that stated anywhere. However, I must say most helicopter companies want the time to be in Category and Class. The fixed wing time may be handy for some IFR(Actual IMC) time but they still want to see some of that in helicopters as well.


Me being dual rated, if I had the money I might think about it if I could do some IFR stuff.

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come on guys... that is a horrible rate.

I checked their web site and they do airplane training in a tomahawk.. ugg. The piper that you throw away the wing after 11000 hrs. That should go for about $60/hr and they want $90. I can't figure these prices out anymore...everyone says they're not making any money, but when I add it up someone is turning a good profit on that kind of rate. Yeah, if you sell 250-500 hrs.. you're set even better. The Tomahawk is a direct competition for a 152 and you can rent one at my airport for $60/hr. I guess I need to go into the rental business so I can shut up.

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Yes it is a Piper Tomahawk. Nothing exciting or fancy but it gets the job done. It has more room than a 152 and the visibility is much better but the performance is pretty similar. The plane is reasonably priced and you have the freedom to actually take it places and enjoy it. Along with that you will have the confidence of a new engine and pristine log books.


Apiaguy - We are not trying to scam anyone here, if you think you can get a better rate somewhere else, go for it. Once you find that plane that is such a great deal, go through the logs, tear down the engine and see if it is still such a bargain.

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