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206 Time Building with Commander Chuck!


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Hey all, i know many of you on here know about this already, but Commander Chuck is still doing time building for around $155/ hour in the 206. I just did a shift with him yesterday and had a blast! The only time i didn't have the controls was the first takeoff out of FUL because we were a little on the heavy side. I got to fly for 2 hours and was able to get 2 offsite landings, (we tried for 3 but there were hikers at one of the spots), and 3 airport landings (2 @ EMT and one back at his pad in FUL). I had a BLAST doing it, and once I'm done with my IFR training I'm definitely going to go back for more! He's a very friendly guy and fun to fly with! If you're interested, shoot me a PM for his info!





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I agree, I flew with Chuck for about two weeks last month and it was some of the funnest flying I did. The price is right, experience is great, and it gives you a genuine commercial experience. If I have money left over after CFI I definetly want to do it again.



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not at all... all you have to do is give him a call and tell him when you're free... he does the morning shift from 0700-0900.


Hello, I am kind of new to the forum. I joined a while ago but I have not really been to active. I am looking to build time and came across this post after a google search. I am not familiar with Commander Chuck, which you are referring to. Were he is located, who does he work for and what type of flying does he do? (sorry for the question bombing, hehe). Just want to know a little bit about him.

I am a former N.J. police officer, now living abroad in Europe and working on my JAA conversion. I completed my CFI last November and have been looking for a job ever since. The market is not the best as I am sure everyone knows. So I need to have something that sticks out on the resume and this sounds good. I am interested in building time and would be obviously more interesting to have turbine time.I do have my instrument rating and would be interested in instrument time also. Is this an IFR ship? Saw something about it in the posts but was not 100% certain I am willing to travel and interested in a large number of hours. Can anyone supply the tail number so I can look it up?

I appreciate any information you can supply. Look forward to hearing back from you.


Marc A. Stanker

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