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Medical Question

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I am a college student and I've wanted to fly forever. I will be graduating in the spring with a degree in mechanical engineering and I have a pretty good line on a job out of school. I was looking at flight training straight out of high school, but a little research (mostly on VR) persuaded me to get a degree first. I am planning to pay off my limited student loans (less than 10K) within a year and save up enough for flight school within the next five years.


My only concern about my eligibility to fly helicopters has to do with my teeth. A couple of years ago I contacted a Coast Guard recruiter about possibly entering their pilot program. I was informed that I have too many fillings for them to accept me. Something about how the metal fillings interfere with communications at certain altitudes. I haven't heard anything about this anywhere else, so I wanted to see if any of you knowledgable pilots has. I have something like a dozen fillings (bad genetics and too much soda), most of which are metal. I'm assuming that if they were all porcelain that they would not have any effect on communications. If this is true, then I could have all the metal fillings replaced with porcelain. If that's not true, I would have to have them all yanked and either get implants or denchers (which I would do), but that would probably cost more than flight school.


Does anyone have any information on this? I mean, I would definitely get medical clearance before I enter flight training, but I thought I'd ask around a bit first. I would appreciate any advice that you could offer.


Thank you

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Military medical standards are much higher then those in the civilian world. As long as you can pass a first class medical test I can't see it ever being an issue.


So talk to an Aviation Medical Examiner, I wouldn't apply for a medical until you know you will pass, so just talk. Also AOPA has a medical help hotline, It's a little expensive but it might be more universal, as each AME might be different.

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