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Border Patrol or Search and Rescue Jobs

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I retire from my current job as an enlisted Naval Aircrewman in a about 3 years and was wondering what kinds of opportunities might exist in the Border Patrol for a non pilot flyer. I'm also interested in Search and Rescue or surveillance jobs. I currently operate electro optical equipment in fixed winged aircraft and will be 40 years old when I retire. Also would it be unrealistic to think that I could complete the requirements to be a Border Patrol helicopter pilot in the next few years while on active duty?

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First off, Thank You for your service to our country!!


Next, your age might be a problem for any law enforcement type job in the federal government. There are some with more relaxed but not many and only in specific jobs.


Also, Border Patrol, is different that CBP and different than Coast Guard and they have similar but different requirements.


Yes, you could get the licenses, but the hours required to get the job is the part that will take some time.


Check the web sites for the agencies under DHS.gov for the details.


Best of luck and again Thank You.




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