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Pakistan needs helicopters


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Yeah that's so sad what happened, hopefully the help troops are established soon.....

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I hate to say this, but this is a common occurrence in that part of the world. Between the floods, blizzards and earthquakes, that part of the world gets the c**p beat out of them. This not something new. I have flown in that region of the world and it is so desolate and rough, it could give the Rocky Mountains lessons on being desolate and rough. It is not an easy part of the world to operate any sort of aircraft in. You can't just send in a pilot and an aircraft. You need to send in a mechanic, spares, consumables, etc. And don't forget a fuel test kit as the fuel is quite often is contaminated. Plan on it taking 10 to 14 days before anything shipped from the states gets there. You are operating with almost no support and in an area that the locals will take the aid you bring, but hate Americans and what they stand for. This goes back to when the area was part of the British colony of India. While it may appear that I am painting Pakistan with a very wide brush, I have lived in the region on the economy and while some Pakistanis and Afghans may like individual westerners, the cultures as a whole do not.

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