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USAR reserve units

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I am currently a drilling reservist. My commander happens to be a Warrant Officer and approached me about doing the aviation program. I would love to do it, and he is helping me along, but I have been trying to find a list of all of the reserve aviation units with no luck. I currently live in Boston and was told the closest is in Western PA, and that I have to live within 150 miles of a unit to apply. I do however plan to move to Ft. Hood with my Fiance whom I will be marrying this winter. He is active duty and currently stationed there. So, I am trying to find an aviation unit to apply with that is within 150 miles of Fort Hood. Any help would be greatly appreciated seeing as I am about to pull all of my hair out.

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Ft. Hood has 60's but I am not sure if they are reserve birds or not. I would check out the Ft. Hood website and go from there (look under unit biographies). Sorry I can't help too much...

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