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FREE NVG Webinar October 6 , 2010 at 1300 EST


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Bump to top. Wanted to remind everyone about this free educational webinar on one of the hottest topics in our industry. I am looking forward to it myself. Cya online Wednesday Oct 6 @ 1300EST :D



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We made it, we had ten folks show up and everyone enjoyed it. We especially liked the discussions that followed... some of the things that came up:


Most were surprised to find that there were substandard stuff out there being used.. we get the fact that there is equipment from way in the past, but, now we know that we should take a closer look at what is available. Just like we stress so much about flight training, you really can pick the wrong school or operator by not paying attention and/or educating your self... and this was a great start.


Some felt that this was just a little over our head, as a flight school or instructors/students, but, having been thru some classes/lectures before, i thought it was great and covered as much as one could hope for in one hour. I am sure there was more that they wanted to cover, but just ran out of time. Some of it was a little dry, but, for the most part, my team would have sat thru another hour with no complaining.


It was cool to have different speakers, from different states, all on line at the same time.. and it was very cool to have questions answered thru email.


It was very unusual, for Heli-Ops anyway, to have so many folks sit in one room and be very quiet for an hour... that alone tells you it was good interesting information.


We are hosting a hands-on NVG course the 16th of this month at Heli-Ops, so this fit perfectly into our schedule. Our FAA certified instructor will spend two hours going over some of the same stuff and will have at least one set of goggles to check out. If any of you folks are interested give us a call or an email and we'll save you a spot.. the cost is $35 and we'll feed you as well.


We sincerely believe that this sort of technology is in your future as professional helicopter pilots and you should learn as much as possible about the systems and individual uses. We were very happy to see NightFlight Concepts step up to the plate to help make a difference in their part of the industry.. every little bit helps us all.


Thanks Lyn and NVC for putting this together and trying to 'be a part of the solution"!






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