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Helicopter Flight Training - SF Bay Area

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It's been years since I've been there, however, I would recommend Bristow at Concord Airport. They used to be Helicopter Adventures Inc. till they got bought out. I would look at them for sure. That is where I went and I was very happy there.

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Can anyone recommend any good helicopter flight training centers in the San Francisco bay area?




Maybe Brushfire21 knows some...he is east of there...somewhere.

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Dylan, If you go south on Hwy 101 to Palo Alto (25 minutes) to Sirius Flying, LLC... 1903 Embarcadero Rd. Palo Alto, Ca.. 650-320-8447... Contact Chief Pilot Al Griffin or the owner; John Pyle (DPE). Tell Al and John I say "hello!" RP smile.gif

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In the R22/R44, there's;

Golden Gate Helicopters-Hayward

Makin Air Helicopters-Hayward


For the Enstrom, there's;

Cameron at Bayhelicoptours-Hayward or San Carlos


And for an S300, there's;



I've had good experiences flying with all of them, it just depends on which helicopter you prefer?



There used to be a Silver State at Oakland, but...you know. :lol:

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Boatpix isn't really a first job, it's an opportunity to build 100 hours while receiving payment. Since they only get you to 400 hours now and you have paid for 300 or so!

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