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Mike Franz at Heli-Ops

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Hey all,


Mike was here last week to tune us up for the year. It's been 15 months since we've opened and we are growing so fast we can't keep up. We have some really cool programs getting ready to launch and wanted to have our foundation in order before moving forward so, of course, we called in Obe wan Kenobi!! I cannot tell you how amazing a resource this guy is, and, if i didn't really care about the industry and making a difference i would NEVER tell everyone out there about him as he can put you and your operation years ahead of the competition! (there's that word, i sincerely wish there wasn't 'competition' but businesses that worked together for a common goal!! yeah, i know, you're thinking it's impossible, but the truth is, times have changed and they are tough, and the ones that do work together will be here when the smoke clears..... stay tuned on that one). Now, back to Obe.. a SWOT analysis is something i did in Hawaii for years; it stands for Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats.. Before Mike showed up we did our own with the team and was surprised to see that we found more weaknesses than Mike did in his, but, maybe he was being gentle.. On that subject, i have to admit that some of it wasn't pleasant. Mike is direct and focused and brutally honest, EXACTLY what you need from a specialist/consultant. But, the amount of info he brought with him and infused into our program was simply amazing. I relate it to drinking from a fire hose... and can't wait for him to return and continue the onslaught!! :-)


In addition to the SWOT analysis, he trained our CFIs as FITS/SBT/LCG Facilitators and is helping us to incorporate this into comprehensive syllabi for all of our training AND got us started on a company SMS program (yeah, i know, years ahead of the curve, but, that's part of what it's going to take for flight schools to keep up and help make our industry safer). I spent about three hours at the FSDO yesterday talking about these programs and they were completely amazed that a little flight school was so focused on the future, and i think, surprised that we even knew about some of it as it's very leading edge. If you don't know what the initials stand for, don't feel bad, i didn't, look them up now.. and, hopefully Mike will educate you all just a little more on the subject. One of the inspectors at our FSDO is developing a college level class on all of the above so you know they are serious about it.. his premise is to give the beginning professional pilots an advantage in their quest for jobs, which in my opinion, is right on!! There are so many folks out there looking for jobs now, any thing you can add to your resume only helps. Some of this stuff will be mandated by the FAA in the next few years, so start learning it now and you will have one up on the other candidates vying for the same job..


Instructors.. i highly recommend that you start focusing on some of these issues asap (i know some of you are already), and if you can, get Mike out to your school/operation to help you move forward as well... it's the best $$ i have spent in 15 months of business...


Mike and i will be at Lyn's job fair in Vegas and hope to meet more of you. He will also be back to Heli-Ops in the next few weeks so if you are close and want to meet him send me an email and i'll let you know the dates.







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