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Antonov An-2 Yes it's an evil FW but sounds like fun.


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Read the specs on this thing.

Antonov An-2


"A note from the pilot's handbook reads: "If the engine quits in instrument conditions (blind flying when you can't see the ground) or at night, the pilot should pull the control column full aft (it won't stall) and keep the wings level. The leading-edge slats will snap out at about 64 km/h (40 mph), and when the airplane slows to a forward speed of about 40 km/h (25 mph), the airplane will sink at about a parachute descent rate until the aircraft hits the ground." [1]


The An-2 indeed has no stall speed quoted in the operating handbook. "

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I saw one at the Denton air show earlier this summer, still painted up in Aeroflot garb. That was SUCH a cool aircraft. The first thing that popped in my head when I saw it was "tractor".

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Wow, it's a good ol' Kukuruznik :))People in Russia know it by the name of Kukuruznik better then An-2. The plane was really cheap in soviet times and was widely used in agriculture, fertilizing corn. Corn in russian - kukuruza, and made up nick name Kukuruznik is something like corn-er...Most of these planes that remain operational in Russia are painted in military green color and have red army stars and used nowadays for fun and by skydivers...Plane of my childhood. You're used to see it fly slow and smooth as a bird with noise of muscle car.

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Hi all

I'm from Russia

I have read pilot's handbook An-2, this is really slow aircraft avarege speed is nearly 150 km/h (~90 knt)and speed of landing is ca. 100 km/h (~60 knt)

Recently I have saw one small

* (Kaliningrad).

You can see, how to land this Plane



*Devau was first Airport of Europa

P.S.: Sorry for my English

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