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Navy Washes Aircraft in Lake Tahoe

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Anyone know why the military pilots think they are exempt from the FAA FAR's. As far as I know Lake Tahoe is a National Forest and recreational area, isn't overflight of these areas supposed to be at 2000' AGL or more? Just another example of our taxpayers at work and wreckless pilots endangering peoples lives and damaging government assets. These guys should get their keys taken away and be scrubbing the latrines!

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Anyone know why the military pilots think they are exempt from the FAA FAR's.

Because technically, they are. We don't even need FAA certification but most of us have them anyway. With that said, military pilots are required to follow FARs because the services say they will. I knowingly break FAA regs and ICAO regs just about every day because I have to for the missions I fly. Totally above board and legal.


I am not defending the actions of these pilots, just pointing out some facts. No matter how you slice it, what they did was absolutely stupid and may indeed have busted FAA regs. I am not current on what Tahoe is designated as so they may have broken many or no rules. I simply don't know.

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