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Headset problem

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I have a question about my headset. I have the Lightspeed 30-3g and it works perfect in the airplane, well I just started my RW training, and bought an adapter plug. Well the problem is, I can hear the other people just fine, but when I talk, I am sounding staticy(sp?) and not as "loud" as usual through my earcups, and the CFI said it sounds the same to him. I tried another persons adapter plug(different style), same problem, swapped to the other plug-in on the helicopter and it does the same thing. Just wondering if anyone had any suggestions?? I find it weird that it worked just fine last time I used it in the FW..Put new batteries in too by the way. So any of you aviaonics gurus feel free to chime in here, really dont wanna buy another headset for RW!

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I don't have any experience with adapters, it may just be the way it is. Pluging my headset into different aircraft have different effects. I have pretty much a uniform volume flying different Robinsons. Every once in a while I'll get one where I'm either super loud or quiet when I transmit. I flew my first turbine hour today in the 206 and I was super quiet when transmitting but if you were on the recieving end it sounded normal.

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