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Chopper Charter Branson MO

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Forgive me if this should be posted in "Flight Schools" but I know this area gets a lot more attention and I was hoping for an answer sooner than later.

A friend of mine is looking into flight schools. he is in Branson MO and is looking at Chopper Charter. I don't know anything about them but he said that they charge 600/hr for R44 OUCH!!! In their defense they said they will give him unlimited ground school at no additional charge. As far as employment afterwards, no gurantee of course but possibly some work for him. Other than the cost (I'm trying to justify 600/hr for an R44 I know it's crazy) does anyone know anything about this school? I couldn't find much info on them.


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Well, lets do a little math. If they charge 600/hr, your training to 300 hours to work for them (pathfinder minimums, which i'm almost certain they use based on what i've been told) would cost $180,000. For that you could buy your own used r22, hire an instructor for all your training needs, and get a ton of hours in it.... Plus you would own your own helicopter! Hmm.... Sure hope that "no guarantee" job is nice!


I'm always skeptical about the R44 only schools. Usually they are some kind of a tour operator first, and a flight school second. The priorities should be the other way around if you want the best training.... Besides, if you are trying to become an instructor, R22, and even 300 time is much more valuable because that is what most of the training is done in. All you need to be an instructor in an r44 is 25 hours. Why waste the money?

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Where does your buddy live? If not too far from Tulsa,OK, I know of an r44 going for less than $400hr there, but was not enamored with the operator. I train in Tulsa and fly a nice H269 for $250hr wet, CFI included, and he is a pretty good CFI, IMO.

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I tried to convince him to go to Civic but he's not interested in going to SoCal. I'll need to "borrow" your 44 for a few months when you get your 500 back hehe :)


I hoping for Christmas!!

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