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turbine training in the NYC area


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Check the ads that surround this site (and JH as well). You'll probably have to travel to another state, and well,...get used to it! :lol: Its really hard to do much of anything in this business staying in one place.


Every time-building experience I have (including my turbine transition) has taken me away from home!


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I'm just wondering why you want train in a turbine as I'm sure you know it's triple the cost. If you are a career minded pilot, skip all turbine time. A turbine transition is when somebody gives you a job flying a turbine. No one will care about your 5 hours unless you got them at the factory. If you are a private individual looking to buy a turbine, I would buy the aircraft and find an instructor. Or train in a recip and buy after your private and find an instructor to get you insurable. I don't know of any place besides the factories and Bristow with turbines for training. Oh, there is also Marpat Aviation.

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