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Writing a paper about Army Aviation

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Afternoon, gentlemen,


Prior service Army Medic and current ROTC cadet here. I've been assigned to give a brief on the Army's Aviation branch, and while I've found a lot of interesting information, some answers are a bit more elusive. Could y'all help me out?


1. What is the job of a 2nd Lieutenant in Army Aviation? What kind of element (how big, is it called a platoon/squadron?) does he/she command?


2. Who exactly is allowed to pilot C-130s? I've found that pilots for the rotary wing craft are picked based on the OML, but I can't find anything about C-130s.


3. Any information or personal stories you'd like to share with me?



Thank you very much





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A 2nd Lt. in Army aviation has responsibility for a platoon size element. When dealing with flight companies in the Army, there will typically be three Lieutenants ; Two who will each have responsibility over a platoon size element consisting of crew chiefs and pilots for each platoon, while the third Lieutenant will serve as the executive officer to the company (basically an assistant Captain.) The XO (executive officer) will be a 1st Lt. The platoon leaders can be either 1st or 2nd Lieutenants.

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