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Improving Your PT Score

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Don't know if this link has been posted but I have seen a few comments on various threads about improving PT scores. This can be a big roadblock to getting your packet done especially if you are not used to working out. I found some really good tips for PT improvement on the 160th SOAR's recruiting page. Since it's not easy to navigate to here's the link:




Good luck and don't underestimate PT!

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Yea, you will NEVER be at a disadvantage by having a high PT score. Some units might not care about it as much as others, but it will never, ever be a disadvantage. I recently lost a promotion to someone, despite being more knowledgeable, harder-working, and MUCH more reliable, because his PT score was a little bit higher.


I took my PT test at 5,000 feet with an opportunity to acclimate. He took his near sea level, did a little better, and got the promotion. Not long after, he come up here to 5,000, took another one and failed.


I could have, and should have trained harder.

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A PT score is quantifiable, an opinion of ones performance is not. Get the best PT score you can because some things are simply decided on a point system, and not how well you do. I know it sounds stupid but a score cant be questioned while opinion can.



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