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Something I have noticed about other military flight forums...

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They generally offer threads like:

"post you questions about USMC, Navy, or USAF flying!"


crickets chirping.....


Never anything about the Army. Do people forget how huge we are, how much money we get, how many aircraft we fly, and how relevant our mission is?


There seems to be a general lack of information and many other flight officers in other branches don't understand the Warrant Officer Corps at all. I heard someone say we are just stick pushers and do not have the training and responsibility to make close air support decisions like pilots from other branches.


Huh. News to me. Am I alone in this observation?

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I'll admit that before I started doing research and applying for WOFT myself, I never realized how significant aviation is within the Army, and had never even heard of a Warrant Officer!


It's just a basic generalization with people who either don't know much about the military or don't know much outside of their branch. It's like when they think Navy, they think ships...Air Force, jets...Army, infantry...and Marines, Vietnam? Haha, jk...but people don't seem to know what they do. There's just alot of other facets to each branch the people don't realize, especially Army Aviation because it's a small part compared to everything else the branch offers.

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I'm not in the military, and before coming to these forums, I'd never heard of a Warrent Officer.


However, whenever I think, or hear, about military helicopters, Vietnam, or the two current helicopter heavy, wars, I think,...Army.


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Where did you read this? Baseops?


It was on another military forum that I frequent. It was an F18 pilot talking about his responsibilities during CAS and how 18 year old Army stick pushers dont compare.

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