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Fixed Wing Commercial Add On


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I am trying to get a fixed wing commercial add on to my license. I plan on getting a fixed wing instrument rating also, I figure I need some more instrument time for my helicopter ATP why not get some more ratings with it.


Any way, has anyone got a fixed wing add on commercial before. I have read through the regs and it seems to boil down to:


- 5 hours inst time (5 I can use from my helicopter training to make up the 10 requried)

- 50 hours airplane solo time to include all the solo CC time and night time crap

- 20 hours of dual airplane time:

- 10 complex

- Dual day CC, Dual nigh CC


Sounds like it will take 70 hours not including the checkride.


Does this sound about right? if any one has done without getting a private first I would love to hear how you did it, legally.





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