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Army Helicopter Pilots?


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Hi, I'm new here and I have a few questions about becoming and army pilot in the warrant officers program. I currently have a commercial rotor craft license and am working towards CFI. I am looking into joining the warrant officers program instead of taking the long route in the industry instructing until i get 1,200+ hrs..... I would just like some input from other army pilots and people who have went through the warrant officers program. How was it, would you do it again, would you recommend doing it or sticking with the instructing route? Any input is appreciated.



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I went through the US Army Warrant Officer Program in 1975. Left the Army in 1979 with 1000 hours and have been flying Commercial ever since! Now with 10,000 + hours and 35 years experience flying helicopters can honestly think back and say it was the best move I could ever have made! One word of advice tho ... play down your civilian commercial pilot's liscense! Pay attention and Learn to Fly the Army Way! You will do fine! Just remember, the Army Wants Officers, Not Pilots! Hope this helps!

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