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R22 dry lease

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So this company in Utah has an R22 they will dry lease for $95 an hour. I want to get my ATP. My company will pay for my ride and any finishing up I may need, but I am short night and instrument hours, and that they will not pay for. I can do this in a 152 for about $90 per hour, as I have met all the heli time, but I'm having a hard time getting motivated to fly the airplane for the 50 hours of night I need. My question is: would leasing this short term, with a partner, to get these hours be a terrible idea? I only want to put, at most, 75-100 hours on it and it would be a lot more fun and convenient to have a helicopter at my disposal rather than renting an airplane. It would also be preferable to get these hours in catagory. So how much is this going to cost me? I've never owned an aircraft and have very little Robinson time. Anything over $200 would be a deal breaker.


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Check insurance costs. When I ran a Robbie it was a little over $800/month...


But yes, it would be a good idea to do it and should be able to do it under $200/hr also..


Will they do a short term lease? A lot of companies want a year lease...

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Give highflyerusa a shout. He seems to do ridiculously cheap time in the 22. There is one on the ferries forum. You could share for $60 per hour. Sounds good to me!

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