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Comments needed for FAA AC regarding met tower marking.


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This is more from my ag aviation background but I feel that this may be pertinant to some of you here as well.

The FAA is soliciting comments through February 4, 2011 regarding an AC regarding the prosposed "suggestion" of the marking of met towers. These are the little 196', single pole, guy wired structures that are very portable and nearly invisible. With the proliferation of wind energy west of the Mississippi these little guys are popping up all over on buttes and ridge tops. A real danger to those of us out working down low and even for those of you that end up out playing around in the middle of nowhere down low.

Our beef with the proposed AC is the "suggestion" to mark them. We would like to see an actual law or rule to manditorily mark every one of them. If you see fit use the link below to read through and make comments on this issue.

http://origin.www.gpo.gov/fdsys/pkg/FR- ... -33310.htm

And be careful out there playing, these things are INVISIBLE and we unfortunately had the first documented fatality of anyone, an aerial applicator, due to one of these towers just this week.



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Sorry about that, don't know why but now I see that the end of the link is not highlighted.

You can also go to www.regulations.gov and search "2010-1326" that will give you the docket file for the AC and there should be instructions to make electronic comments there.




Try this.



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Not sure if I have seen one of these towers but I do see plenty of small unlit towers and they are deadly. The old rusty ones and dirty gray ones blend right in, you won't see them until you are right on top of them. Another hazard can be fixating on a tower that you do see and not seeing the other ones. Keep scanning.

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You can just got to the www.regulations.gov home page and put the docket# 2010-1326 in the search box and it should give you all of the associated documents. If not there are a couple of choice boxes at the top of the page select "public submission".

Thanks again for those that chose to make a comment.

For links to places with pictures got to the IAAA facebook page and scroll through the various stories.


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