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Palm Beach State

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Hi everyone, new to the site. Alot of great info on here and Im gaining a wealth of knowledge. I havent been able to find anything on the flight schools that are associated with Palm Beach state. Just fishing for some info here and thoughts of the shcools. Thanks


Hi Matt,


May want to check Palm Beach Helicopters as well. They are 3 miles south of the college and are currently training over a dozen PBSC Heli students this semester. Website is

www.palmbeachhelicopters.com. Nice facility, family atmosphere, MX onsite, several attributes. Would suggest visiting all heli schools associated with them to assure your complete satisfaction.

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Thanks for the info, im looking into Palmbeach Helicopters. Seems like a really great school. Anyone here have experiance with them, good or bad?


Have you also looked into other schools? Not trying to advertise for either school, but you want to check out all options and be sure you will be happy with your choice. Also, I believe there was mention of flt school's that were affiliated with PBSC on their website. If I remember right it was just the two mentioned above, but don't mark my words on that. (I have looked at so many flt school and college/University sites lately, they are starting to run together). I did look into Cloud 9, becuase they opened a school out here in Utah therefore became a possible option for me. They seem to be a good school, but I have never gone and checked out thier Palm Beach school. Anyways, point being I looked into them because they were a possible option for me. It doesn't mean I plan to go through them. I took the advise of the experienced guys on this site and checked out as many schools as possible to find the one that will best fit me, my goals, my situation, and my personality.


Long story short, investigate all your options and find your best fit. What works for someone else does not nescessarily me it is going to be the best for you. Don't just go for the first school you talk to, you will learn alot as you interview/investigate different schools.


Also if you haven't already search the Flt training/school reviews forums, there may already be a buch of comments about the schools you are looking into.


Best of luck


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I had looked into the Palm Beach Community College helicopter flight program a couple of years ago when they were just starting. Back then the flight school choices were: Palm Beach Helicopters, Ocean Helicopters, Cloud 9, and Helicopter Academy (BoatPix). I visited all the schools to look into them, PBH and BoatPix were at the 'downtown' airport (KLNA?) and Cloud9 and Ocean were a little further down the road at a different airport (F45?). I remember thinking PBH helicopter seemed like the best program, and Cloud 9 also looked real good (just a bit newer). Don't remember exactly why I came to that conclusion, probably just based on how I thought I got along with people at the school when I visited. Oh and PBH did have the affiliation with Night Flight Concepts, and I think one of the only NVG compatible Robinson R44's.


Good luck if you do decide to go there. I wish I could live near the beach somewhere while doing my training. My understanding though is there are some bad parts of town to watch out for. If you watch the TV show cops, Palm Beach has to be one of the more common ones I've seen. And I PM'ed a guy on here a while ago who was a student at PBCC, his name was 'natty dreads', might try and send him a message and ask about it.

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Hello everyone!


I just wanted to write a quick one about how Palm Beach Helicopters helped me acheive my dream.


I finished up my 6 year enlistment in the Air Force in March of 2010. I wanted to become a helicopter pilot and I decided to rely on Palm Beach Helicopters to make it happen. I am an OIF/OEF Veteran with the Post 911 GI Bill benefits. Through this program I was able to get my PPL through CFII in a little over a year and graduate from the associated college, Palm Beach State University, in 18 months with an Associates in Aeronautical Science.....FOR FREE. Technically speaking it wasn't free because the Post 911 benefits covered the expenses but as far as my wallet knows, it was free!


If there are any Veterans, or civilians, that need information about becoming a helicopter pilot and not sure how to afford the expenses please write me back!

I know so many friends that were worried about getting out the Armed Forces because of the economy and whatnot. I am here to tell you, YOU CAN DO IT!


As for an update to the courses availible this semester, the Post 911 GI Bill is now covering NVG, Turbine Transition and External Load. All of these courses are now being taught at Palm Beach Helicopters and I will be sure to update you about these courses as soon as I take them next month!


I hope this serves as a light in the darkness for anyone looking for a professional school to obtain their helicotper licenses. You're not alone and I will help you out as much as possible.



Good luck and thanks for reading!


EOD Heli

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