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Part 141 FITS Syllabus update

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Check out the latest article about our Part 141 commercial FITS syllabus in the latest edition of Vertical Magazine at Vertical Magazine Online.


Elan came out to Boston and we flew a lesson right out of the FITS syllabus. We're currently teaching many of our commercial students using excerpts from the FITS syllabus, and we haven't heard a negative comment yet - students seem to enjoy the planning that's put into each scenario and the extra effort and results that come out of scenario based training....


Let's hope more schools catch on...there's been mention of it in this forum quite often, but it seems this is the only place people are discussing FITS. As more schools pick up on it hopefully a momentum will build.

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Curt, great job on moving the industry to a safer place with some modern FITS SBT training and methods! Great article too!


I am teaching at the FIRC at Heli Expo March 4&5, 2011. The old CRM course has been replaced with my "Intro to FITS SBT Methodology!" I also trained 6 SBT Facilitators at Colorado Heli-Ops a few weeks ago.


I think that the snowball has started to roll downhill as I have more schools signed up for FITS Facilitator training and switching to FITS SBT Curriculums. Many National and local FAASTeam Program Managers are starting to open their minds to the benefits and supporting our efforts.


Once more schools and flight instructors understand what is entailed, they will understand the benefits and what it will bring to all helicopter pilots.



FAASTeam Rep

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