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All things considered, I feel that I received quality flight training at Classic Helicopters. At the time when I attended, they were at the north end of the field in a much larger facility than where they are today. There have been many ownership changes in the last few years, so I do not have direct knowledge of their operation today. The aircraft were very well maintained when I was a student, which is very important. I was enrolled in their part 141 program which is a very structured training platform, although industry wide that is debateable, but it worked well for me. Aside from some difficulties and frustrations on my part, I feel fortunate that I finished all my certifications and ratings without the doors closing or me being ripped off $wise, so I consider myself fortunate given what has transpired over the last couple of years elsewhere in this industry. I had inquired at several potential schools in multiple states, and ultimately made my decision to train at Boeing Field; the flight training in that Delta airspace, among Puget Sound, and limited training in the mountains was monumental to providing confidence to become a successful pilot. I would rate my training experience at Classic Helicopters as an A-; mainly because they weren't perfect, but I honestly can't say that any school is. I had my strugles with the DPE, but I'm not the first, nor the last to say that. I hope this helped, and good luck to you and your decision!

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I am training with Helicopters Northwest at the KPWT location.

Helicopters NW are located at Boeing Field, Tacoma Narrows, Bremerton and Everett. They also offer in-house financing.

Very well maintained aircrafts and great instructors.


If you have specific questions, don´t hesitate to send me PM.




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