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Rotary Wing Employment Question


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I am a former commissioned officer aviator. Graduated Rucker in June 82 and spent six years active duty and a couple more in the TXANG in a flying assignment. Last time I flew was '90 - '91 time frame. My time breaks down as follows:


50 hours TH-55

405 hours UH-1 P

98 hours UH-1 CP

65 hours OH-58 P

77 hours OH-58 CP

100 hours UH-1 SFTS (for what it's worth)


I have my FAA Commercial Rotorcraft and instrument ticket (non-current, obviously). I live in San Antonio, TX and am 51 years old in top notch health. Currently employed in manufacturing management. My questions to the board:


1. Am I employable in the rotary wing community?

2. What would I need to do to up my chances? (get current, obviously!)

3. I can't relocate geographically, so who would I talk to, who would consider me?


Thanks in advance for any advice.

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I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but with only 795 hours, it seems like your only route would be to get current whilst getting your CFI and then instructing for another 700 hours.


CFI jobs are scarce at the moment, but I am seeing more and more of them popping up and you do have unique experience not usually seen in a civilian flight school.


The market is very tough for the people trying to get out of instruction and into the "real" world(I am one of them with just short of 1400 hours and trying to get a turbine job anywhere{Tours, GOM, etc.}).


Generally it looks like the new magic number to get out of instruction is around 1500 hours but i'm not sure if your amount of turbine time would get you out sooner. Good Luck!!



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It ain't impossible, just very difficult and most likely a very long term project. Perhaps expensive as well, you'll probably need to get current to be credible. As previously posted, CFIs seem to be thick on the ground right now and the economy may be recovering, but it's not exactly booming. If you have the ready necessary, consider that a CFI will add to your marketing options- and it would get you current.

You have some positives to present against your known negatives- First, your time in service and commission. Next, you have an established work history, and one would assume you're in a stable situation. These are good things, especially as you're not relocating. You need to start selling yourself and networking in the area you're going to work in.

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XHuey driver,


go to Alamo Helicopters in San Antonio and talk to Randy Riggs about getting current and employment with them.


Tell him Mike Franz sent you!


It is close to home and maybe with your experience he can give you some part 91 work.



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