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Not that I can afford a helicopter right now but down the road (long one at that) I would eventually like to purchase one (probably for training/instructing). Any recomendations on where to get one and what to look for?

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You might be able to swing the helo payments but can you afford insurance ?


Bell 47 owned by ATP with 14k helo hours IIRC was paying a little over $20000 a year and responsible for first 10%


Not to mention maintenance - rough rule of thumb 1 hour of maintenance for every 3 hours of flight, hangar fees, etc

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I have a 2005 R22.


You can find them on






Those are places to start.




My first year of pleasure (non-commecial) insurance was $7,500 a year with 10% deductable.


My second year, I went with full commercial insurance coverage (everything except AG), it was 13,200.00 a year with a 10% deductable. This is the insurance you will need if you want to teach in your helicopter.


This is for me, having 350 hours rotor-wing time and 4,000 fixed-wing and having completed the Robinson Factory Course. I have a CFI in both and an ATP in fixed-wing.


This is my experience, "your mileage may vary." :)



Be safe,



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Ok, so alot more research, a huge business plan, a metric f*** ton of flying (woo hoo) to do.


Time to pull back on the reigns and baby step this. Thank you all for the info. Like I said, a long road! :)

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One very important item when buying any thing is a pre purchase inspection.


HIre an A&P mechanic that experience with the aircraft that you are looking at and have him look at it along with the logbooks and other paperwork to make sure everything is in order.


Especially on a helicopter you need to look at the time remaining on the life limited parts.


Ideally you will find someone that has a lot of experience on the make and model of machine.


At the very least one that has experience in the type (fixed, Heli, etc).


Good luck.

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