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helicopter posters (art)

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Does anyone know where you can buy some nice helicopter posters? I'd really like the old black and white Sikorsky photos (VS-300,R-4) or some of the other old helicopter contraptions. The walls in my house are empty, so just looking for something that can be framed and hung. I'm also open to some of the old airplane photos like the Wright Brothers or Clipper flying boats.


I've seen some big photos like that at some FBO's or flight schools. I've even seen some copies of the front page of a newspaper with the pictures and headlines of Sikorsky flights in a restaurant bathroom. Just not sure where to look to buy something like that.

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try looking on sxc.hu (no .com) and make a free account they have absolutely free and HUGE resolutions, although mostly in color, i do some stills and Photoshop work, If you want me to share I can post them straight here or I'll shoot them to you in a PM.









EDIT: I would be more than willing to give any image you find for free, also click to enlarge these to get an idea of just how big they are

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