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Helicycle is just a pleasure to fly

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I have talked to Helicycle pilots for 5 years before I bought my own kit. I was convinced that this helicopter is a real work horse. My own experiences are what counted to me. My first flight was Sept. 1st of 2010. Since then I have flown this machine quite often through the winter and just flew it yesterday. It has flown in single digit temps and has never failed me in anyway. I did have a forced landing in it, which was totally my fault...so I let it down. Since then, the fuel has been turne on more to the turbine....I have switched the main fuel solenoid to NO instead of NC. I have a back up battery that will run the governor should I have a total power failure.


I hear a lot of testomonies...but let me direct you to YouTube where I have 85 videos on there now, and will constantly be uploading more from time to time. I feel that is the best testimony, just watching videos of how this machine performs.


Here is the latest from yesterday, and feel free to browse Helicyclepilot for all my other videos.


This helicopter is very easy to fly, and the maintenance on it is very minimal.


Stan Illinois


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I am glad to hear that you have been flying a lot and also of the safety/operational improvements that you made.


I will watch the videos for pleasure and relaxation.


Best wishes,



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Mike- I am 6 ft. 2 in. and 220 pounds. The cabin is roomy, though a helmet on is a little tight. The height from a normally compressed seat to the cabin ceiling is 38 inches...the cabin width is 27 inches. Stan



I own a Raven II, I'm spoiled by the amount of room. I would like to try a Helicycle if I could fit into one, 6'3" and 200lbs.


What's the headroom measurement from the seat to the inside canopy?





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