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I took a demo flight in Seattle(at Classic Helicopter) before I left for Cincinnati, and liked it, and I'm very interested in going to a flight school when I get back in Seattle in June. Any suggestions on the best schools in the area? I live in Monroe, so the Snohomish one is closest, but if one in Seattle is considerably better, then that would be fine. I'll be mostly reading around, learning as much as I can, so don't expect many posts from me unless a question arises.

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I will definitely check out the Everett location when I get back. One concern of mine is time away from home. While I do not have a family now, I will want one in the future. Are there many jobs with limited time spent away from home?

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Most pilots spend a good chunk of their career commuting to work on a 7/7 or 14/14 type schedule if they work Stateside (overseas is available with more experience and offers much longer hitches). Most pilots also spend a significant portion of their career working up to a spot in/near their hometown. That said, I know several guys whose families move with them every few years as they work their way up the helicopter food chain, so at least they sleep at home every night, it's just that "home" moves to wherever the job is. If you are permanently settled in Monroe and unwilling to move every 2-5yrs starting out, plan on commuting for 5-20+ years. The career helicopter scene in Seattle is very locked up, very competitive, and requires high levels of experience due to weather. I can explain in depth if you wish, just shoot me a PM anytime. Not meant to discourage you, just a bit of realism to consider along with everything else. :)


Blue Skies,


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