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Directory of Avionics Simulators and Manuals

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With the helicopter equipment becoming more and more advanced pilots often times get into the situation of knowing how to perform the basic operations with the equipment installed in the helicopters they fly but struggling with more advanced operations.


I created a list where you can find Simulation Software and User Manuals for Aviation Systems.




If you know any other sources, I'd be glad to add them :)




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Bastian, we also need a link to Sagem ICDS PFD & MFD plus EFIS from Cobham.


Was nice of you to post this after the Portland workshop!



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Thank you very much for the input guys, it is very appreciated!



@ Mike: I added the Pilot Operating Handbook for the Sagem ICDS and an Information Manual for the Cobham EFIS. I contacted both companies for more Info.

Yeah, I thought this way would be the fastest way and since a lot of people frequent my site I felt it would be a good place to have it :)


@ Lou: I added the Pilot's Guides for both the Aspen Evolution PFD and MFD EFIS's and also contacted Aspen for more Info on them.

Thank you very much for the praise on the homepage! :)

Which models are you guys going to put it in? I'd guess the R44?

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Fantastic! ...Thanks.


Yes, it will be available for Schweizer 300 series, R22, R44, and Enstrom.


The use in these training ships will be proof of concept for installation in larger (utility and HEMES) platforms.


Lou, I sent you a PM. :)

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